Qualitative, regional and seasonal products are not the only ingredients in our dishes!

Children are our guests of tomorrow! That is why we cook every dish with enthusiasm.

Our products can be seen. We are the Dippegugger because children are allowed to look into the pot with us.

These points are important to us when cooking:

Balanced, healthy & varied

All meals are cooked and prepared following the current DGE quality standards. We offer the meals as natural as possible and without additives. Our products are free of flavor enhancers and we almost completely avoid preservatives and colorants. In addition, we offer a varied range of products tailored for children.

Freshness & Quality

All meals are freshly prepared in our kitchen every day. When it comes to food, we pay attention to quality and therefore only select certain suppliers who meet our standards and represent our philosophy.


We strictly observe the hygiene standards (HACCP). For all dishes, samples are taken and kept for 2 weeks.


Through professional systems and efficient processes, we work economically and thus have no overproduction of food.

If you would like to get to know our team, our company and our philosophy better, we would be pleased to receive your call or e-mail. We are also available for questions and suggestions at any time - whether by phone, e-mail or via our contact form.

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