Die Dippegugger

IB Catering Frankfurt Rhein Main

Who we are!

We cook fresh, healthy and delicious meals!

Which meals do we offer?

We offer a choice of two hot meals daily. There are two menu options, one is completely vegetarian and the other additionally includes beef, fish or poultry. Every day there is either a side salad or a dessert.

The foundation of a tasty and healthy diet begins with the proper use of raw ingredients. Nutritionally inferior ingredients and manufacturing methods are avoided. Preference is given to low-fat, high-protein whole foods with fresh ingredients. The meals are freshly prepared and meet the high quality standard that was developed together with the Frankfurt regulatory authority.

A lunch consists of a main component (meat, meatless or fish), starchy and vitamin rich side dishes (e.g. salad, vegetables, fruit, yogurt).

We are also happy to offer special dietary meals.

We take sustainability seriously!

Children are close to our hearts and are the future of our society. That is why we focus on sustainability in our products and delivery. For example, all meals are delivered in reusable containers. Packaging is avoided wherever possible.

Our colleagues know-how!

Our kitchen staff are trained chefs with several years of experience in the field. Many of them also cook privately at home for their children.

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