Our service

What we do?

Our company

  • supplies day-care centers of the International Bund, the communities and other institutions in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region
  • is in constant contact with our customers and is oriented towards their wishes
  • offers a digital ordering system on smartphones
  • provides qualified and experienced employees in all areas as contact persons
  • delivers the food free of charge and with the best transport logistics without any loss of quality
  • provides appropriate equipment as needed
  • has a central point of contact for questions and requests
  • has a professional complaints management system
  • has a modern fleet of vehicles with well-trained drivers
  • employs handicapped people and supports in-company training

Our meal plan

  • is compiled according to nutritional criteria and in compliance with the DGE guidelines
  • ensures that the nutritional needs of the children are met for healthy mental and physical development
  • offers two menu lines, one is completely vegetarian and the other additionally includes beef, fish or poultry
  • all without pork
  • offers special food for allergies and intolerances upon request
  • provides a healthy, balanced and child-friendly diet
  • provides a healthy mix of traditional and modern dishes
  • is innovative and flexible
  • fresh ingredients are delivered daily for the preparation of the meals and we use mainly products from our region, which are subject to high quality standards
  • the meals are low in salt and fat and rich in vitamins and fiber
  • no menu is repeated within 4 weeks
  • we use iodized salt for the preparation of our dishes
  • has an above-average fresh cooking process
  • salads are always freshly prepared and packed to preserve vitamins and minerals

Our additional offer for our customers

  • Kitchen tour
  • Kindergarten excursion to the hotel including our breakfast buffet

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